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.5 inch Cord Strapping

.5 inch Cord Strapping


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.5 inch Cord Strapping

Cord strapping is made from high strength polyester yard fibers and in 1/2" it comes two ways.  Bonded cord strap has the fibers hot melt glued together.  Woven cord strap has a cross weave.

It is used with a buckle (CSSB4 click to link) and tensioner.  Some glass plants hand tie to keep from scratching glass surface.  This is a great light duty cord strap.

CS40B White Bonded Cord

1/2" x 700 lbs. x 3,900' white cord strap.
2 coils/case, 680 lbs. break strength.
$45.00 per roll, priced per case of 2 when added to cart.

CS40W White Woven Cord

1/2" x 700 lbs. x 3,900' white cord strap.
4 coils/case,  700 lbs. break strength

$65.00 per roll, priced per case of 4 when added to cart.

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