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1.25 Inch x .035 Inch HT


by Steel


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1.25 Inch x .035 Inch- High Tensile Steel Strapping

The 1.25" x .035" high tensile steel strapping has break strength of 6,655 pounds and 6.7 feet per pound.  Steel strapping is edged, painted black, and waxed. The coil weight is 102 lb. +/- 10%, 12 Coils per skid, core 16” x 3” mill (oscillated) wound. Steel banding is sold per hundred pounds (CWT), with actual weight billed (i.e. 1.02 CWT). This strapping is available in 2,000 pounds or greater lots. FOB Chicago, IL or Columbus, OH. **Must order at least 1 coil, coil weight +/- 105 pounds. 12 coils per skid. There is a 2-5 day lead time.**

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