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105WAAR 1.25 Inch Woven Cord



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105WAAR Woven Cord Strapping AAR approved

1 1/4" (1.25 Inch) x 3,285 lb. break strength x 600' Orange cord strapping.  They come 4 coils/case, 61 lb./case. AAR approved and printed.


Orange Woven Cord is the most common cord strap on the market (2040).  It is commonly used to bundle everything from lumber loads to general packaging.  Cord is a great steel strapping replacement.  Does not cut like steel strapping, does not rust, and is preferred for safety! Easy to start; you just need buckles and a tensioner!  Cord is the least expensive way to get started with non-metallic strapping.

Battery Cord Strap Tensioner C11 Golden Bear demo CC105 cord lash

Golden Bear C12 Cord Strap Battery Powered Tensioner

1.25 inch cord strap video 1 1/4"

Tool Repair: C11 Cord Tensioner

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