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CC105 1.25 Inch Composite Cord Strap



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CC105 Composite Cord Strap 

For 1 1/4" x 770' x 3500 lb. break strength*, composite cord strap. Two coils/box, 36 lb. /coil, 8" x 7.5" core size, white finish. Please note "system strength" is completely different then "break strength". Break strength is measured by an ASTM standard, taking a 6" piece of strapping and pulling it till failure. System strength is a European measure of testing the whole loop including buckle, the "system break strength" is often double the linear "break strength". To make it easier to compare to other strapping, we use the American standard of break strength.

Allstrap Opinion:
This is a close match to 1 1/4" steel strapping (x .029/.031"), and has been picked up very quickly to replace it in manual applications. It is similar to steel, even referred to as "synthetic steel strapping". The largest user is the lumber industry, but also distribution, steel, steel pipe, and expensive machinery. We like this product for its advances in operator safety. Uses only one tool and a buckle, so it is quick and simple to strap.

Battery Cord Strap Tensioner C11 Golden Bear demo CC105 cord lash

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Tool Repair: C11 Cord Tensioner

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