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Encore EP-1610 Tensioner

The EP-1610 standard duty pusher feed wheel tensioner tool is for steel strapping.  This tool should be used with pusher/closed seals and sealer like the FDNL (click to link). It can be used for 1/2"-3/4" banding without needing to change guides.

The EP-1610 

Unlimited Take-Up 
Round or Irregular Loads 
Strap Widths 1/2" - 3/4" 
Strap Gauges .020 - .031

Tool Weight 7 pounds

Allstrap Opinion:   This is our favorite pusher tensioner for light 3/4" steel strapping.  It is a great value, and is tough.  If you want one step tougher, consider the EP1620 or using a pneumatic or battery powered tool.  

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