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OD Steel Coil Strapping Machine



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Saizar Outside Diameter Strapping Machine

To operate, enter the strap dimensions into the digital control panel of the Saizar OD Steel Coil Strapping Machine. Once the strapping process is programmed, the Strapping Machine starts to carry out circumferential strapping in different measurements according to the indications received. In order to carry out circumferential strapping, the strapping machine approaches the coils, performs the strapping and when it has finished all circumferential strapping, the strapping machine returns to its starting point. The machine applies the 1 ¼” polyester or steel strapping and a friction-vibration joint, guaranteeing an 80% break strength.

This machine can be adjusted so that it can strap with 1 ¼” polyester or steel strapping and from 1/32” to 1/13”. This machine can strap coils with a diameter from 23 ½” to 86 ½”.  The strapping head and the strapping machine are moveable to strap coils of varying diameters. The tensor of the head tenses the strap against the coil to desired pressure and coil characteristics. For site survey and pricing, call Allstrap

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