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M2 Windlass Cord Tensioner

M2 Windlass Cord Tensioner

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M2 Windlass Cord Tensioner

M2 uses up to 1 1/2" HD Windlass Cord Tensioner for square bundles, up to 1 5/8" cord. 

Allstrap Opinion:  This is a cool tool if all the loads built are square and have a hard corner (not cardboard). Instead of a gripper foot, the tool base sits on top of the strap, and pinches in on the hard corner of the bundle. The loose strapping coming from the buckle is treaded into the windlass slot. This tool is quick and pull lots of tension. This tool has to be used on square bundles with hard corners. If the one way bearing gets wet, it rusts very quickly. There is not a cutter on this tool.