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OR-T 120

ORT 120

by Orgapack


Availability: Discontinued


Orgapack OR-T 120 Battery Strapping Tool

The Orgapack OR-T 120 HAS BEEN REPLACED BY THE OR-T 130. The OR-T 120 is the lightest banding tool in its class at only 7.5 pounds. The battery-powered OR-T 120 strapping tool is the successor to the battery-powered  OR-T 100 strapping tool. Its design echoes the successful OR-T 250 and OR-T 400 models. The OR-T 120 shares their proven operating system, including fully-automatic mode, which allows strapping at the push of a single button. The battery-powered OR-T 120 strapping tool is one of the lightest in its performance class, at the same time more powerful and more efficient than the OR-T 100. The maximum available tensioning power has been increased with no increase in battery capacity. The ergonomics have been improved while the weight and dimensions have been reduced. The battery-powered OR-T 120 strapping tool applies the latest Li-Ion battery technology. This has allowed the reduction of the charging time by more than 25%, compared to its predecessor. After a charging time of no more than about 20 minutes, 75% of the battery capacity is already available.

In addition the battery-powered OR-T 120 strapping tool can process a significantly wider range of strap types. Compared to the OR-T 100, the OR-T 120 can process straps up to 43% thinner. The widths and types of strap remain unchanged with PP and PET from 9-13 mm. The battery-powered OR-T 120 strapping tool is the most powerful strapping tool in its class, with a maximum tensioning power of up to 1200 N. The battery-powered OR-T 120 strapping tool is ideal for strapping light packaged goods, fruit, vegetables and other food pallet, and transport containers.

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