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Rebuilt Signode WP-2


by Signode


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Rebuilt Signode WP-2

This rebuilt Signode WP-2 (023070) is a windlass tensioner for 2" x .044" High Tensile/ Magnus, painted, and, waxed steel strapping. It pulls 8,000 lb. tension and weighs 23 lb. When we rebuild this tool, it is stripped apart and reassembled. All of the wear parts are replaced with new parts as needed. The housing is painted to make the tool look as good as new. We offer a 30-day guarantee parts and labor warranty, excluding neglect or misuse.

Strap Qualities: High Tensile/ Magnus, Painted and Waxed 

Strap Dimensions: 19 - 32 x 0.63 – 1.27 mm / 2" wide x .044" thick

Max. Tension: 8,000 lbs.

Sealing Type: 2 Inch Thread Seal

Sealing: with separate sealer NS-250-65L or with battery powered BC250

Weight: 23 lb.

This tool is generally available rebuilt (please call or email to verify). Need your WP-2 repaired? Send it to our tool repair department for a quick turnaround.

Battery powered 2 inch and HD 1.25 inch steel strapping crimper sealer

Signode WP2 tensioner and Signode NS250-65L Sealer

WP2 Signode Pneumatic Tool Spin

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