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by Signode


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Signode AH-114 Manual Combination Tool

Seal-feed combination tools carry a stack of seals in a magazine for fast, easy loading.  The Signode AH-114 is used on 1 1/4" high tensile steel strapping.  The tool's long handles enable a large amount of tension during application. To operate the AH-114. crank the right handle to tension, and the left handle to seal and cut. This tool tensions, seals, and cuts quickly and efficiently. This tool requires a one week lead time. No returns for this item.

Width:  1 ΒΌ inches

Thickness:  0.031-0.035 inches

Strap Type:  Magnus

Seal Name:  114 A  Magazine Seals

Joint Type: Double Reverse Notch (DRN**)

Weight: 25 lbs.


Generally available rebuilt, please call for availability and pricing.  Lead time may vary for this Signode tool, please call for details.

Allstrap Opinion: In the 1980s and 1990s this was a great tool for tough applications. Used where tools take abuse like lumber yards. But today, almost non of the AH114 are left in the wild.  The tools have switched over to sealless tools. We recommend the 
ZL90 tool. The sealless technology is proven, and a real money and time saver.  Or, the applications have switched over to a HD poly using a P331 tool.

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