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Signode AM-34 Combination Steel Strapping Tool

Signode AM-34 is a manually operated seal-feed combination tool. Signode's tool cuts both 5/8” or 3/4" x up to .025" HT with out needing to change guides and adjustments, saving operator time. Since the AM-34 is a combination tool, the tensioner, sealer, and cutter are all included which speeds up workplace productivity and efficiency. One downfall of this tool is its heavy weight, but that is true of any combination tool since it is essentially three tools in one. Therefore, the AM-34 needs to be placed in a stationary position prior to use since the tool is hard to transport from place to place. For quick and easy loading, the AM-34 uses magazine seals

Lead time may vary for this Signode tool, please call for details.


Allstrap Opinion: This is a really tough tool, and good if you must use clips. Otherwise you should look at a sealless strapping tooland don't require the expensive AMP seals..  They are tested, proven, and don't require the expensive AMP seals.  You should consider the sealless tool ASC, or battery powered sealless Yukon or SLB.

Signode AM-34 and AM-58

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