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INCA HT 16 Columbia - Pneumatic Sealless

The Columbia INCA HT is reccommended for use on flat packages. It is a highly efficient tension, cut, and seal combo tool that is used with to .024" steel strapping. 

Package Type: Flat surface (min. length 200mm)

Strap Quality:  Steel strap

Strap Thickness:  0.016"- 0.024" Rmax. 1.100N/mm2

Max Tension Speed:  5-7 mt/min. / 11,000- 15,000 lbs./min. 

Joint Type: Sealless

Weight:  Around 9 kg./ 20 lbs. 

Air Pressure:  6- 7 bar max

The INCA HT is generally available rebuilt, please call for rebuilt pricing. Need your INCA HT Repaired? Send it to our tool repair department for a quick turnaround.

Columbia Inca HT 16

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