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Columbia STTR Pneumatic Tensioner

The Columbia STTR is a pneumatic push type tensioner for round and flat packages. This pneumatic tool uses its nose to "push" closed style seals, and generally used in combination with a strapping sealer. The nose on the front of the STTR tool actually pushes the seal and the steel strap is fed through the seal in a tightening motion to secure desired tensioning. Since the tool is pneumatic, compressed air completes the tensioning cycle in a matter of a few seconds and holds tension securely until the seal is applied. 

The STTR is the Columbia version of the Signode PN2-114. There are very little differences between the two tools, and both require push seals. With the STTR, a seperate sealer must be used to finish the application. The Fromm A461 has the correct strap qualities to work with the STTR. Since Fromm is a leading brand in the steel strapping industry, the tool is reliable and easily repairable thanks to Fromm's warranty. A trend in the pneumatic sector of tools is to use one combination tool for all of the strapping work. One tool cuts down the use of air lines and keeps the work floor safer for other workers. The Signode SCMH-34 accepts strapping .75". 

Strap Qualities: Regular duty / High tensile (Ultraflex)

Strap Dimensions: 19 - 32 x 0.63 – 1.27 mm / .75" - 1.25" wide x .024" - .043" thick

Max. Tension:  2,023 lbs.

Sealing Type: Metal push/closed seals 1.25 Inch Push Seal

Sealing: With separate sealer A461

Weight: 9.2 lbs.

The STTR is generally available rebuilt, please call for pricing. Need your Columbia STTR repaired? Send it to our tool repair department for a quick turnaround.

STSR Pneumatic Push Style Tensioner for Steel Strapping STTR

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