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ASC375 Heavy Duty Cord Strapping Tensioner with Cutter

 > The ASC375 is for banding width up to 1.5” 

> The ASC375 works with woven and bonded strapping (not composite)

Allstrap Opinion: This is our favorite HD cord tensioner for the large size banding. We tested it with 1.25" and 1.5" woven strapping. It works great with strapping from any manufacturer. It pulls HUGE tension, and has a patented gripper foot that lifts straight up. This tool is quick and easy to use. These tools were tested in a rough set of lumber yards, and did not have any problems in 9 months time (these are high volume yards). It tensions and easily cuts woven or bonded cord strapping.

Update: The newest battery tensioner made in the USA, Golden Bear Battery Tool C11 is now available! Great for all applications and has the simplest operation of any strapping tool. We highly recommend it!


ASC 375 Heavy Duty Cord Strapping Tensioner