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Strap width: 3/4":

A337- Combination Tool for Steel Strapping

The A337 is an ideal tool for a wide range of vertical and horizontal strapping applications for flat goods in almost all industries. The unique innovative punching of the sealless MicroLock™ joint guarantees even greater safety. Opening and closing by the recoil effect is rendered impossible. The MicroLock™ seal is very popular for strapping packages which for instance are subject to shrinkage due to drying out.

Strap Qualities: Regular duty (Uniflex) up to 850 N/mm² / High tensile (Ultraflex) up to 1100 N/mm²

Strap Dimensions: 9.5 – 20.0 x 0.38 – 0.63 mm / 3/8" – 3/4" x .015 – .025"

Sealing Type: Sealless with MicroLock™

Weights: 4.5 kg / 9.8 lbs / 4.7 kg / 10.4 lbs (TW version)


Fromm A337 Steel Strapping Combo Tool Video

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