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A383     A383     A383     A383     A383     A383    

Price: $6,999.00 / Each

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Strap width: 1":

Strap width: 1 1/4":

A383 Fromm Pneumatic Combination Sealless Steel Strapping Tool

Update: Fromm A383 parts can now be easily ordered online through Allstrap! Click the "Order Parts" tab below, browse the A383 schematic to find the part you need, and add it to your cart! 

The Fromm A383 is the big brother of the A380, it is heavier and larger but intended for the same industries. This tool is suitable for 1.25" wide high tensile steel straps. The A383 tool is supplied as a two-button version. Due to the mechanics of the A383 tool, the steel, aluminum and lumber packaging industries have seen a great benefit in using sealless combo tools. The A383 tool is ideal for flat packages and packages that are otherwise difficult to strap. It pulls high tension and due to its large size and durability, it is suitable for even the most extreme working conditions. This A-383 tool can strap in full automatic and semi- automatic modes with the choice of four different tensioning levels to suit varying applications. 

The Fromm A383 tool has a few features that makes it a stand out among other sealless pneumatic tools. This Fromm tool alone can pull over 3,300 pounds of tension, which is drastically more than other tools of its kind. The A383 tool is a heavy duty machine that can withstand harsh working conditions with a design that can handle many application types. Due to the pneumatic component, uniform tensioning can be ensured from package to package, reducing strapping error and delivery damage. The MicroLock sealless system adds greater seal security as well. Due to its heavy weight of around 50 pounds, it is recommended to suspend this tool from a bracket for stationary applications.

Some people are hesitant about abandoning metal seals when strapping packages, both small and heavy duty. However, sealless tools are quickly overtaking metal seals due to added efficiency in financial aspects and work productivity. From a financial point, sealless tools can save up to ten percent when the cost of supplying metal seals is eliminated from the budget.  

Wear parts generally break down the fastest, so they are now easily accessible for online ordering below, as well as all parts for the A383! Wear parts include:

  • Feedwheel A38.2310
  • Vane A38.0132
  • Die Half A38.2110
  • Die Half A38.2111
  • Cutter A38.2112
  • Punch A38.2122
  • Gripper A38.2316


Strap Qualities:  High tensile strapping (Ultraflex) 

Strap Dimensions: 19.0 - 32.0 x 0.63 - 1.30 mm  /  1.25" x .025 - .050"

Tension Versions: 10000 N, 15000 N

Sealing type: Sealless

Weight: 23.5 kg / 51.8 lbs. 

The A383 is generally available rebuilt, please call for rebuilt pricing. Need your A383 Repaired? Send it to our tool repair department for a quick turnaround.


Fromm A383 Pneumatic Sealless Steel Strapping Tool 1.25 Inch video

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