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HD Floor Mount ‘Cobra’ Dispenser For Ribbon Wound Steel Strap.

Core I.D.: 16”

Face Widths: 3”, 6”, & 8”

Strap Widths: 3/4", & 1-1/4”

Approximate Weight: 161 lbs w/shipping skid.

Poly or Steel Strapping: Steel

Strap Size Range (inch)- 3/4, 1-1/4

Strapping Core Size (inch)- 16

Coil Winding: Mill Wound or Ribbon Wound- Ribbon Wound

Vertical or Horizontal Dispenser- Horizontal

Tool Tray- Yes

Portable- No

Tool Weight- 161 lb. 73.2 kg

Allstrap Opinion (January 2020): MIP's 8350 is now made in India.  We are disappointed MIP moved from Chicago to manufacturing in India, but forgot to lower their prices.  We have had some quality problems with the Indian tools.  The MIP8350 is still a decent tool, but we now prefer the USA made EP3065 dispenser.