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MIP-1900 Windlass Pusher Tensioner

The MIP-1900 is one of the most portable tensioning tools on the market. Its compact design and light weight make it easily transportable and versatile. The small size of the MIP-1900 is low maintenance  with fewer wear parts. The MIP-1900 can be used to tension steel strapping on small, medium, and large round or irregular applications. 

Description- Tensioner - Windlass Push Type Limited Take-up

Strap Width Range: 1/4"- 3/4"

Strap Gauge Range: .015" to .031”

Strap Used- Regular Duty or Stainless Steel

Seals Used- Wing Seals

Required Strap Finish- Painted and Waxed Stainless Steel

Tool Weight- 3 lb. or 1.4 kg

MIP-1900 Windlass Pusher Tensioner

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