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by Signode


Availability: Discontinued


PN-114 Signode Pneumatic Steel Strapping Tensioner

This tool has been DISCONTINUED and replaced with the PN2-114. The Signode PN-114 is a push style steel strapping tensioner that is used with 3/4-1 1/4" steel banding.

Strap Qualities: Apex and Magnum  

Strap Dimensions: 19 - 32 x 0.63 – 1.27 mm / .75" - 1.25" Wide x .025" - .044" Thick

Max. Tension: Up to 1600 lbs

Sealing Type: Metal push/closed seals 1.25 Inch Push Seal 

Sealing: with separate sealer A461

Weight: 8.1 lbs

The PN-114 is generally available rebuilt, please call for rebuilt pricing. Need your PN-114 Repaired? Send it to our tool repair department for a quick turnaround.

Allstrap Opinion: Signode's PN-114 was very well built and we have lots of them still running in plants 20 years after they were discontinued.  Some plants still prefer the original PN-114 to the new version.  You can still get these tools repaired, but if your looking for a new tool, you should look at the battery powered steel strapping tools.

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