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Fromm P328

by Fromm


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Fromm's P328 Battery Powered Tool for Poly Strapping

The Fromm P328 Battery Operated Power tool is for Polyester strapping and is the toughest strapping machine yet. To make the best use of its capabilities in your packaging area, the Fromm P328 battery powered tool has all new interactions and technologies. They let you strap things more quickly and conveniently, including things that simply weren’t possible before. Using it is a whole new experience.

> An incredibly easy to use bander. High-quality battery strapping tools have long been defined by their ability to move around the plant, and the P328 is no exception. With Allstrap’s available exclusive 5 amp hour batteries, you get more run time between charges. Combining the 18 volt lithium battery with a powerful and efficient brushless motor means the P-328 Fromm battery will last all shift, and maybe all week.

>Entirely new ways to strap. Fromm P328 makes all the ways you’re used to banding more convenient. With its new single base, it can slide off much easier and be removed from round and small packages. Similar tools applied to a 24” round bunk would get stuck.  The base under the feedwheel could not open, making it impossible to remove the tool. But now, the single base slides out of tight spots that were impossible before! Cycling the tool is easier, too.  Pressing the tension button will pull the bundle tight, and releasing at set tension automatically kicks the P328 into weld and cut.  There is no longer a lever, and the second button is only used in manual mode.

> Maximize safety by minimizing mistakes. We believe the tool should keep the operator from making mistakes, and the P328 is the first generation of battery tools that does just that. The weakest spot on the strap loop is the weld, so it is critical to make the weld as strong as possible. Welded joint efficiencies from 75-90% are typical with good strapping, and this tool finally keeps operators from messing it up!  The welding mechanism is now controllably its own motor, making sure the weld cools every time.

> Find your complementing tool for other widths

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1”-1.25” P331 

1"- 1.25" Pneumatic P359

Tool Repair:

Need your P328 Tool Repaired? Send it to our tool repair department for a quick turnaround. 


Strap Size: 1/2" - 5/8" x 0.015" - 0.041"

Strap Type: Polyester (PET) or Polypropylene (PP) smooth and embossed

Weight: 9.2 lbs/ 4.2 kg with battery

Sealing Type: Friction weld. Joint strength, 75%

Tensioning: Up to 584 lbs. Battery: Li-Ion 18 volt 4 Ah or Allstrap's now standard 5 Ah

Allstrap Opinion:

The P328 is one of the best strapping tools. You need it on your packaging line. The single base makes it easier to use, and gives the ability for smaller and round bunks. We expect the single base will make it more resistant to damage when dropped, making this one tough tool. Other tools have a major liability built into the weld cycle, they depend on the operator to wait the couple seconds for the weld to cool. This tool holds the weld till it sets, and the dedicated motor releases for the operator to remove. There is no chance the operator can p all the tool off with a hot weld. Allstrap's tool repair department finds almost 1% of welds are damaged by operators not letting the weld cool properly. That 1% statistic is significant when your regular strapping operator is out, and the temporary replacement sends out packages with non-cooled welds. Now, no matter who's banding, the weld will be 100% every time. We suggest you buy this tool!

The New Fromm P328

Fromm p326 p327 p330 vs. p328 p329 p331

Fromm P328 New!

P328 Plastic Strapping Tool

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