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E700 Strapping Machine 

Available for 5, 6 or 9mm strapping, the 700 incorporates a new design with integrated mechanical controls using fewer moving parts and DC brushless motors; this substantially reduces maintenance issues. With a 24 month warranty on material and the ability to apply up to 50 straps per minute, the Eagle 700 is a world-class performer for narrow-strap applications. The E700 is self threading with a compact design containing an internal strap reel and an auto loop ejector. It also has a compact strapping head with multiple brushless DC motors. With 30% fewer parts, it means less maintenance. External electric tension (dual stage for "kiss" or "crush" applications. The E700 cycles by button or foot switch (photo eye switch & foot bar switch optional). Smooth stainless steel table tops and locking casters fully automatic model available. This high speed E700 can strap up tp 50 straps per minute with banding through 3/8 inches. It runs on a 110 volt, 5amp system and pulls 77 pounds of tension in HIGH mode. 

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