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TP-502MH Genesis Hori

The TP-502MH Genesis Hori is a great semi-auto pallet strapping machine used for horizontal strapping. The strap has adjustable height between 180 mm and 2,200 mm. You can move the strap either forward or sideward to approach the pallet. * Corner protector holder is available. 

> Tension up to 70 kg (700 N)

> Compact Genesis strapping head (sold more than 20,000 set with proven quality)

> It uses direct drive technology with German-made DC motors

> Electronic Tension Control

> Adjustable weld-cooling time

> Battery models TP-502MHB and TP-502MVB are available, with 20% higher capacity than TP-202MHB and TP-202MVB

*Please call Allstrap for best pricing at (866) 779-2673.

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