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StraPack SQ-800 strapping machine is new for 2018.  It is an improvement on the RQ8, which was already considered best in class.  The SQ800 has some great upgrades.  

There are lots of arch sizes available, please use contact us for a quote.

Speed:  The SQ-800 can band every 1.1 seconds.  Other machines have similar specs on paper, but what separates the SQ bander is this is the speed accomplished when applying tension.  Most arch machines count the speed at very low tension, and are way slower when used in real life.

Simplified design:  The clutch, brake, V-belt, and roller are gone, and replaced by a simple direct drive system.  The RQ8 was incredible reliable, and we expect the SQ800 to be ever better (which is saying a lot)!

Cleaner operation:  The feed and reverse mechanism on other machines causes parts of strap to come loose, and this "dusting" gets into product, and gums up machines.  With the direct drive, the motor can not tension with the strap stopped, so we expect this machine will need blown/cleaned out less.

Quiet:  This machine is now very quite.

Other great features:  Easy to load strap, auto re-feed when strap is jammed in the arch, anti-jam function, tension adjustment up to 176 pounds.

The Sq-800 runs polypropylene strapping in 1/4, 3/8, or 1/2".  It is 49" wide x 59 tall (other arch sizes available).  It is operated with easy to use buttons, or optional foot petal or laser.  The rollers on the table make it easy to put in line, or to move boxes around.  The machines needs the arch assembled, and cord attached, please contact Allstrap for installation availability and cost.   This must be shipped LTL, please contact Allstrap for freight quote.  It generally ships from CA, IL, or OH.  Most arch sizes stocked, please contact Allstrap to verify the size you want.

Allstrap opinion:  Improving an already great machine will make this machine a bullet proof tank.  We love seeing the simplified strapping mechanisms because that means longer life.  We highly recommend this machine and it gets our top mark.

StraPack SQ800 strapping machine

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