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PR33 Titan Pneumatic Tensioner

The Titan PR33 is a pneumatic tensioner to be used with steel strapping to secure small applications. Its powerful motor guarantees stable and reliable tension. This tensioning tool is commonly used in packaging paper, aluminum, pallets, cotton, tobacco, and other heavy packaging applications. The technology of the parts in the PR33 are top of the line in the packing industry. The high strength alloys in the wear parts are durable and reliable. To apply the seal to the HT strapping, a separate sealing tool must be used. One of the most popular sealing tools in the pneumatic sector is the Fromm A461. It requires the same strapping qualities as the Titan PR-33 and performs flawlessly. Another option is to stop using two separate tools for strapping and upgrade to an all-in-one pneumatic combination tool. The Signode PRHR-114 is a popular pneumatic combination tool that takes time, effort, and cost out of using multiple strapping products for each application. 

Strap Qualities: Regular duty/ high tensile (Ultraflex)

Strap Dimensions: 19 - 32 x 0.63 – 1.27 mm / .75" - 1.25" wide x .025" - .040" thick

Max. Tension:  1,800 lb.

Sealing Type: Metal push/closed seals 1.25 Inch Push Seal 

Sealing: With separate sealer A461

Weight: 11 lbs. 2 oz.

Max. Air Pressure: 94 psi

The PR33 is generally available rebuilt, please call for pricing. Need your Titan PR33 Repaired? Send it to our tool repair department for a quick turnaround.


PR33 and SPZ