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Signode PRHR-34 Pneumatic Push Style Combination Steel Strapping Tool

The Signode PRHR-34 is used for round or irregular applications. It is heavy compared to other pneumatic tools so we suggest using a counter balance system. This tool uses its nose to push against the seal, and pull the bundle tight. The jaws pull the notch on the seal out away from what is being strapped, making a double notch (2 notches in both sides of the seal) for added strength at the joint. The PRHR-34 pulls 1,600 pounds of tension, and is a tough tool. 

The lighter PRHM-34 has similar specs, but only weighs 16 pounds. If the operation of the PRHR-34 is appealing but doesn't fit desired strap qualities, consider the Signode PRHR-114. This is one of the most popular steel strapping combination tools on the market and uses 1 1/4" banding. 

Strap Qualities: High tensile, Magnus

Width:  3/4 Inch

Thickness:  0.025-0.031 inches

Seal Name:  34HDP

Joint Type:  Reverse

Weight:  34 lb.

The Signode PRHR-34 is generally available rebuilt, please call for rebuilt pricing. Need your PRHR-34 Repaired? Send it to our tool repair department for a quick turnaround.

Allstrap Opinion: Signode has a good tool in the PRHR-34, but plastic strapping is quickly overtaking the industry. The Fromm P380 can apply ¾” plastic strapping tool on rounds.  Before you buy a PRHR-34, you should consider and demo the P380.  Need a tool for 1 1/4" strapping? Try Signode PRHR-114.  Most pneumatic tool have now been switched over to steel strapping battery tools (click to link), or to 1 1/4" poly strapping.  We suggest looking at them!

Pneumatic Combo Tool Video: PRHR-114 & PRHR-34

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