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by MIP Midwest Industrial Packaging


Availability: Discontinued


  1. MIP-1470 Heavy Duty Windlass Steel Strap Tensioner

THE MIP-1470 HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED, it was REPLACED by the MIP-1495.  Another option is the TW-114 tensioner (click to link)

The MIP1470 uses regular duty or high tensile steel strapping with snap-on seals. This feedwheel tensioner ensures optimal tensioning security on flat surface packages. The MIP 1470 is quick and easy to operate due to the feedwheel component. 

Strap Width Range:  .75" to 1.25"

Strap Gauge Range:  .031" to .044”

Allstrap Opinion (January 2020): MIP's 1470 is now made in India.  We are disappointed MIP moved from Chicago to manufacturing in India, but forgot to lower their prices.  We have had some quality problems with the Indian tools.  The MIP1470 is still a decent tool, but we now prefer the USA made EP1525tensioner.  

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