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Tool Mount Dispenser for Ribbon Wound



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The TMD is a strapping dispenser that you can hang your powered tool from.  The mast can extend over your pallet to place the counter balance and tool (purchased separately) right where you need them.  Hanging your strapping tool like the the Kodiak, PRHR-114, or A483 for steel strapping does two great things.  1)  It keeps your tools off the ground, which keeps them from getting run over.  2)  The tool will be positioned to be very easy to use.  The strapping tool balancer makes the battery powered bander weightless, and is a real boost for ease of use and mobility..  

The TMDRW is for ribbon wound steel strapping 3/4" and 1 1/4".  For the standard oscillated counter balance dispenser TMD, click here.

Allstrap opinion:  We love this new cart/tool hanging combo.  Counter balancing tools reduces tool maintenance cost by 60% on average, so this can save you tons of money and downtime!  Having a balanced tool makes it easier to use, so we love to see this for heavier tools like the P331 for poly, or Kodiak for steel strapping!  We hope all of our customer will buy these so we can stop fixing your broken tools!  We highly recommend this new system.  If you have a powered tool you really MUST get this strapping tool mounted dispenser!  This counter balance allows you to bring tools to places that was not possible before!

Tool Mount Dispenser with Counter Balance for Strapping Tools

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