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ZL25- Manual Sealless Combination Tool

The ZL25 tool is designed for the strapping of concrete products, crates, lumber, metal products, palletized products, as well as other products to be unitized with steel strapping. The ZL25 is a manual sealless combination tool for high tensile steel strapping with a reverse locking system.  For sizes 1/2" x .015" (13mm x 0.38mm) to 3/4" x .025" (19mm x 0.635mm).  This ZL25 tool has a reverse locking punch that most combination tools do not have. The reverse lock keeps the sealless strapping joint from coming apart when the load shrinks.  

Weight: 10.6 lbs. (4.8 kg)

Base Length:  4.2" (105 mm)

Base Width:  2.4” (60 mm)

Height:  4.2” (105 mm)

Allstrap Opinion: The ZL-25 from ZR is needed to keep your sealless joint from failing. It is comforting to know that loads strapped with this tool will still hold even if they shift or settle. A great steel strapping combo tool!



ZR Tool MS 25 and ZL 25 Sealless Steel Strapping Tool

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