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Signode SCMH-58 Sealless Manual Combination Tool

The Signode SCMH-58 is intended for use for high duty high volume applications. The two strap loading mechanism on the SCMH-58 offers simple and quick sealing power. This combination tool offers operator fatigue reduction, quick wear part replacement and no feedwheel adjustment hassle. The SCMH-58 is designed for use with 5/8" x .020"- .023" high tensile banding. This tool requires one week lead time. 


Strap qualities: 5/8" X up to .020- .023"

Strapping: Apex, Magnum

Seal type: Sealless, 3 key joint 

Weight: 11 lb. 

Allstrap Opinion: The MS31 is a much better tool based on the strapping requirements of the SCMH-58. 

Signode SLB battery SLP pneumatic SMC sealless combo strapping tool

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