MIP-380 MIP-380 MIP-380 MIP-380
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MIP-380 Heavy Duty Poly Tensioner

> The MIP380 for Poly Strapping, Polypropylene, Polyester strapping, up to 3/4" x .050"

> Since this tool does not have a base plug, it can also be used on cord strap and is a favorite for CC65 and 65WLMD.

> This strapping tool is made by Midwest Industrial Products (MIP) and is one of the most common tools used.

Allstrap Opinion: This is a very good tool. It is heavy duty enough to put into any situation. This tool is a great value. The next step up is the ASC320 (poly) ASC325 (cord), step down is the PT34W (poly). Allstrap highly recommends this tool!

Updated Allstrap Opinion (December 2019): MIP's 380 is now made in India.  It is still a decent tool, but we now prefer the USA made EP1150 tensioner.



MIP-380 Heavy Duty Poly Strap Tensioner

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