ASC320 - Heavy Duty Polyester TensionerThe ASC320 works with polypropylene and polyester strapping u..


ASC370 - HD Poly Tensioner with Cutter This is the toughest plastic tensioner with cutter tool avai..


EP-1150 Premium Windlass TensionerThis premium poly tensioner is ideal for flat loads, and can be us..


ORS 1100.19 Manual TensionerThe versatile flat based tensioner for polypropylene, polyester and cord..

ORS 1300

ORS 1300.19 Orgapack The ORS 1300.19 is a tensioner used with polypropylene strapping and cord..


EP-1195 Heavy Duty Jumbo Poly Tensioner The EP1195 HD poly tensioner is one of the biggest tensione..


Signode WHD-34 Tensioner for 3/4" Plastic StrappingThe WHD Tensioner is used with both polyester (PE..


EP-1185 Premium Poly Pusher Tensioner The EP1185 tool is a push type tensioner for 1/2" - 3/4" poly..


MIP-380 Heavy Duty Poly TensionerThe MIP380 for Poly Strapping, Polypropylene, Polyester strapping, ..

DLT Light Duty .25 Inch, .625 Inch PP

Signode DLT Light Duty Pliers Type Tensioner for Poly Strapping The DLT is used with a buckle, maki..

PT34W Special HD Tensioner

PT34W The PT-34W special HD tensioner is a windlass poly strapping tool.  It is heavier th..


MIP 370 Regular Duty Poly Strap TensionerPolypropylene, Polyester and Poly Cord, Strap Width Range 1..

PT34W Standard Tensioner .75 Inch

PT34W Standard Tensioner The PT34W tensioner is a staple for hand tensioners.  It can be used ..


Signode WHD- Tensioner for Plastic StrappingThe WHD Tensioner is used with both polyester (PET) and ..


EP-1100 Regular Duty Windlass Tensioner The EP1100 is an economy tensioner for poly strapping. Idea..

STD .5 Inch PP PET

STD Signode - Poly Strapping TensionerThe Signode STD works with 0.5" Polyester (PET) or Polypropyle..

PT.625 Inch, .75 Inch, 1 Inch PP-PET

Signode PT- Poly Strapping Hand ToolThe PT tensioner is .625", .75", 1" for high strength poly strap..


MIP 395 Giant Poly Strap Tensioner This tool has been discontinued. We recommend using the ASC370 o..



PTC Signode - Poly Strapping Tensioner The PTC is a feed wheel tensioner for plastic strapping,&nbs..

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