Battery Tools

Battery Tools

Battery tools for steel strapping.  Strap tool manufactuers including Signode, and Golden Bear.  Grip Pack battery strapping sealer, and S8 steel strapping battery tensioner.


Golden Bear’s Kodiak Battery Powered Steel Strapping Combo ToolLead time currently 4-6 weeksIntro..

STB .75 to 1.25 Inch Tensioner

Golden Bear STB Battery Powered Steel Strapping TensionerThe STB is the strongest battery tensioner ..


DN114 Battery Powered Steel Strapping SealerGolden Bear's newest tool is a battery powered steel str..

GripPack 114 DN Sealer

Signode RCBD-1431 Grippack 114 Steel Strapping Sealer(And Grip Pack RCBD-3431 3/4” sealer)This is th..

GripPack 114 SN Sealer

Signode RCBS-1431 Grippack 114 Steel Strapping SealerGrippack 1 1/4” Sealers come in double (click t..

GripPack 114 Tensioner

Signode's PB-114 GripPack 114 TensionerCheck out the combo tool as a potential alternative..



Golden Bear SN2: The Premier Battery-Powered 2" Steel Strapping SealerExperience the next level of m..


Signode BPT-L19 Battery Powered Push Style Combination ToolExpected battery powered tensioner releas..

SLB Sealless

Signode SLB SeallessThe Signode SLB is a battery-powered combination tool used for steel strapping w..


Signode BPT-H32 Battery Powered Push Style Combination ToolThe Signode BPT-H32 is a double reverse n..



Signode BST19, BST16, BST13 sealless combo tool for steel strapping.The BST19 from Signode is the n..

GripPack Push

Signode GripPack Push, battery powered push style combination toolUpdate 4-22: The Grippack Push wil..


Golden Bear STB2 battery powered tensioner for 2" steel strapping    The STB2 is..


S452 Golden Bear Steel Strap Tensioner > This steel strap tensioner has enough power for up ..

BC-250 2" Sealer

Golden Bear’sModel BC-250 battery powered 2 inch sealerThe Golden Bear BC-250 battery powered crimpe..


Itipack ITI84 Battery Powered TensionerThe ITI84 is a battery powered feed wheel push type tensioner..


Itipack ITI85 Battery Powered SealerThe ITI85 is a battery powered double reverse notch sealer for s..

GripPack Cutter

Signode GripPack Battery Powered CutterUpdate 12-23, we do have these tools in stock.  We might..


Yukon sealless steel strapping tool.The Yukon is expected to launch at the 2024.  It pulls tens..


Electra™ M SeriesTensioner and Sealer for Steel StrappingThe easy-to-use battery-operated solut..


Electra™ M SeriesTensioner and Sealer for Steel StrappingThe easy-to-use battery-operated solut..

Electra STDC

Siat ElectraSTDC Steel Strapping Crimping Tool.Double Crimp Sealing - The seal and the strap are def..



Siat ELECTRA™ STT Tensioner for Steel Strapping.  First revolutionary battery solutio..

BC-114 1.25" Double Crimp Type HD Sealer

Golden Bear’sModel BC-114 Battery Powered 1.25" SealerThe Golden Bear BC-114 battery powered double ..


Orgapack OR-T H32 Battery Powered Push Style Combination ToolSignode BPT-H32 is the other ..

GripPack 34 DN Sealer

Signode GripPack RCBD-3431 Double Notch SealerUpdate 11-23: the 3/4" option is purchasable on the RC..

MIP Grip-114T

MIP GRIP-114 TensionerThe MIP Grip is no longer available.  It was made for MIP for only a..

MIP Grip-114S

MIP-Grip 114 SealerThe MIP Grip sealer is no longer available.  It was branded for MIP for only..

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