MIP-1620 MIP-1620 MIP-1620 MIP-1620 MIP-1620
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MIP 1620 Heavy Duty Feed Wheel Pusher Style Tensioner

The MIP-1620 is for regular duty or high tensile steel strapping .625”-1.25” wide x .023-.044” thick. This tool uses a feed wheel to pull the strapping tight. It has unlimited take up, making this tool one of the easiest to use on the market. The MIP-3100 Sealer is commonly used with 1620 tensioner.

Allstrap Opinion (December 2019): MIP's 1620 is now made in India.  We are disappointed MIP moved from Chicago to manufacturing in India, but forgot to lower their prices.  We have had some quality problems with the Indian tools.  The MIP1620 is still a decent tool, but we now prefer the USA made EP1620 tensioner.  

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