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MIP-1860 Tensioner

The MIP 1860 is designed for use on round or irregular load applications with pusher seals. It is best used on small surface areas and limited strap intake is not an issue on applications. This tensioner should be used with single notch seals. The MIP 1860 cuts the strapping at the joint seal making it a quick and safe tool to operate. Strap Width Range: 5/8" to 1 1/4". Strap Gauge Range: .023" to .031"

Allstrap Opinion:  The rack and pinion type tensioners basically never wear out, which is awesome.  The downside to this tool is you can only pull the length of the rack before you have to stop.  MIP has changed production from US to India and we have had some quality problems.  We prefer the US made TRP114UL, which is a rack type, but with an innovative feature that resets it every pull, so you never run out of rack!

Allstrap Opinion (January 2020): MIP's 1860 is now made in India.  We are disappointed MIP moved from Chicago to manufacturing in India, but forgot to lower their prices.  We have had some quality problems with the Indian tools.  The MIP1860 is still a decent tool, but we now prefer the USA made EP1650 tensioner.  


Pusher Tensioner MIP-1860

MIP-1860 Heavy Duty Rack & Pinion Pusher Tensioner

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