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Dynamic 2100

Dynamic 2100

Dynamic 2100

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Fromm Dynamic 2100 Combination Poly Strapping Tool 

This new combination poly strapping tool from Fromm, the Dynamic 2100 is an updated version of the P323 tool. It has a double brush motor and is intended to run twice as long as single brush motor tools. It runs on a 14.4 volt Lithium-Ion battery. The Dynamic 2100 is compatible with 5/8"- 3/4" poly strapping and has a 75% joint efficiency. Call Allstrap for pricing information. 


Allstrap Opinion:  The good: If you liked the old version P323 tool, you'll like the Dynamic 2100. It's just like the P323 but now it has been updated to Lithium powered batteries.  The Dynamic 2100 has two motors, just like the original Fromm P320/321/322/323, which means you get about double the milage before the motor needs replaced!  The bad:  The Dynamic 2100 tool uses custom batteries which cost way to much, and are too little capacity.  Seriously who uses a 14.4 volt battery today?  The P329 and P329S are better tools for less money, we suggest using them instead of the Fromm Dynamic 2100.


Dynamic 2100 Tool