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Fromm P329

Price: $3,175.75
Strap Qualities: PET
Strap Dimensions: 5/8 " - 3/4“ x .016 -.053"
Tension: 112-900 lbs.
Sealing Type: Friction Weld Sealing
Weigh: 9.3 pounds including battery
Tool Size With Battery: 13.8" x 5.3” x 5.6"
Tensioning Speed: 1.9” - 3.1” inch/second (49-79 mm/s)
Alternatives: ORT450, BXT3-19, B800
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Fromm P329

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Fromm's P329 Battery Powered Tool for Poly Strapping

*P329S now available (click to link). There is a full comparison of the P329 vs. P329S in below video.  Basically the P329S has screen instead of buttons.

The P329 is toughest strapping machine yet!  The P329 has all new interactions and technologies that will change strapping as you know it. This new banding tool is fast, convenient and top-of-the-line. It does things that simply weren’t possible before. Using it is a whole new experience.


The P329 can now band small and round packages. Its new single base design allows it to squeeze into tight spaces, where the P327 tool would get stuck after pulling the strap tight. Other tools have a separate base under the feedwheel that swing away from the main base to open.  In tight spots it is impossible to remove other tools. But now, the single base on the P329 slides out of tight spots that were impossible before!  Only the P380 can band in tighter spots or rounds.

The lever in previous models has been removed, making cycling the tool much easier.  This improvement in the P329 also means no more broken levers!  The tension button pulls the strap tight.  In semi-auto mode releasing the tension button (at set tension) automatically kicks the P329 into weld and cut. The second button is only used in manual mode.

The P329 has a smarter way to minimize mistakes. 

We believe the tool should do the work, not the operator. Now, the P329 tool does not allow for banding mistakes at the joint. The weakest spot on the strap loop is the weld, so it is critical to make the weld as strong as possible.  With good strapping, a joint efficiency of 75% - 90% is typical. The welding mechanism in the P329 is now controlled by its own motor, making sure the weld cools every time before the tool can be removed.

The P329 is an incredibly easy to use bander.  Easy transportation around the plant is key when selecting a strapping tool. The P329 allows you to do just that, and more. Allstrap offers a battery upgrade to an exclusive 5 amp hour battery, for a longer lasting charge.  Combining the 18 volt lithium battery with a powerful and efficient brushless motor means the P-329 Fromm battery will last all shift, and maybe all week

Other Options:

1. For 1/2” or 5/8” use the new P328.

2. For 5/8” or 3/4” use the screen version P329S.

3. The Signode BXT3-19, or Orgapack ORT450

4. Manual tensioner like the ASC320, and sealer like the ASC330.


Order Parts & Tool Repair:

Fromm P329 parts can now be easily ordered online through Allstrap! Click "Schematics" tab above, and browse the P329 Schematics to find the part you need, and add it to your cart! The P329 is generally available rebuilt, please call for rebuilt pricing.

Strap Qualities: PET

Strap Dimensions: 5/8 " - 3/4“  x  .016 -.053" 

Tension: 112-900 lbs.  

Sealing Type: Friction Weld Sealing

Weigh: 9.3 pounds including battery

Tool Size with Battery: 13.8" x 5.3” x 5.6"  

Tensioning Speed:  1.9” - 3.1” inch/second (49-79 mm/s)   

Alternatives: ORT450, BXT3-19, B800

Allstrap Opinion:

The P329 is hands down the best strapping tool. You need it on your packaging line. The single base makes it easier to use, and gives the ability to band smaller and round bunks. The P329’s single base makes it more resistant to damage when dropped, making this one tough tool. Other tools have a major liability built into the weld cycle, they depend on the operator to wait the couple seconds for the weld to cool. This tool holds the weld till it sets, and the dedicated motor releases for the operator to remove. There is no chance the operator can pull the tool off with a hot weld. Allstrap's tool repair department finds almost 1% of welds are damaged by operators not letting the weld cool properly. That 1% statistic is significant when your regular strapping operator is out, and the temporary replacement sends out packages with non-cooled welds. Now, no matter who's banding, the weld will bee 100% every time. We suggest you buy this tool!

Update 10-19:  With the release of the P329S, we now have a two favorite HD strapping tools.  The P329S shares all the mechanical parts with the P329, but adds a touchscreen.  We have seen it in the field for 6 months, and do not have any broken touchscreens!  The screen is protected in the new Fromm bander, which will keep it from getting damaged.  The P329S adds the option of full automatic mode.  With the press of one button, the tool runs tension, and flips automatically to weld and cut.  

Update 4-22:  The P329 has been a champ in the field.  It is very tough, and easy to operate.  We suggest the Fromm P329 tool.


Fromm P329

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P329 Plastic Strapping Tool

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