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Signode BXT2-10 Battery Powered Strapping Tool

The BXT2-10 is discontinued.  It was replaced by the BXT3-13 (click to link) or use the P328, or P328S.

We are excited to try this super light 7.5 pound tool. There is a lighter tool (pneumatic powered) that is only 5 pounds, the Signode VFX-9/13, but for battery powered, the BXT2-10 is definitely the lightest. 

Strap Qualities:  Polyester (PET) / Polypropylene (PP)

Strap Dimensions:  3/8"  -  1/2” x .016 - .041”

Max. Tension: 540 lb.

Sealing Type:  Friction-weld sealing

Weight:  7.5 lb. (including battery)


Allstrap Opinion: This strapping tool is very nice to use!  It is made by Orgapack for Signode, the Orgapack version is the OR-T 250.  This BXT2-10 strapping tool was released in early 2013, and is the lightest tool on the market.  It stays with a reliable Bosch battery. Shaving a pound from the larger BXT2-16 makes it very functional! One pound makes a huge difference when you are using a hand tool all shift!

Update March 2022: For light tools the Fromm P318 is now our top pick.  We are having a hard time getting the BXT3-13 (it is no longer stocked in the US), which makes it not a good follow up to the BXT2-10


Signode BXT2 16 poly strapping tool video bxt2-16

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