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ASC330  Special 5/8" Heavy Duty Symmetrical Poly Sealer

The ASC330 is used with serrated seals with one long leg and one short leg (Orgapack style Serrated Seals PSS 2300.16). 

It has staggered, symmetrical jaws that eliminate the need to orient the tool when sealing. Cam-action jaws reduce sealing effort. Unique design requires less clearance between the seal and package surface. 

Lifetime availability of parts and service. 90 day parts and labor written guarantee.

Allstrap Opinion: This is by far the best tool in its class. It is much easier to use than the other tools for 5/8" poly banding. The problem with the Orgapack sealer is if the operator puts the sealer on the seal in the wrong direction, the joint efficiency plummets. With this tool, the operator can't mess up!  

This tool has it all:  Ease of use, eliminates mistakes, and reasonable prices.  Buy this tool if you use 5/8" PET strapping.


ASC 320 Heavy Duty Polyester Tensioner & ASC 330 Heavy Duty Symmetrical

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