Scrap Strap Chopper
Scrap Strap Chopper

Scrap Strap Chopper

Scrap Chopper

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Strapping Scrap Chopper

Years ago, chopping scrap was thought of as optional, but with the explosive growth of the recycling industry and its demands for a higher grade of pre-processed scrap, chopping scrap is rapidly becoming a necessity. It’s a fact that a load of un-chopped scrap is a waste of valuable dumpster space, and most recyclers consider hauling it a waste of fuel and labor. Scrap producers and recyclers agree – chopping scrap at the “point of generation” (POG) is the best possible solution. In order to adapt to these industry changes, businesses from retail home stores and lumber yards, to industries like plywood and veneer plants have asked for a chopper designed for the task.

Scrap choppers and separation systems help companies eliminate their manufacturing by-products; keeping scrap materials out of landfills and helping company’s achieve their zero waste to landfill recycling goals. With an ever-expanding list of scrap materials – plastic and metal banding, I.D. and O.D. tube scarf, slitter trim, punch press, wire and cable, blades and more; choppers have proven to be dependable in managing scrap recycling needs. Please call for the latest machines, and pricing.