2 inch Steel Strapping 2 inch Steel Strapping
2 inch Steel Strapping

2 inch Steel Strapping


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2 inch Steel Strapping (Ribbon Wound)

The 2 inch x .044 inch RW has break strength of 12,900 pounds and 3.3 feet per pound. Steel strapping is edged, painted black, and waxed. The coil weighs 102 lb. +/- 10%, 12 Coils per skid, core 16” x 3” mill (ribbon) wound. Steel banding is sold per hundred pounds (CWT), with actual weight billed (i.e. 1.02 CWT).

New battery tools for 2" steel strapping, the tensioner (needs a separate wider nose) https://www.allstrap.com/steel/battery-powered-tools/stb

and sealer. https://www.allstrap.com/BC-250. These battery tools take a very difficult job, and make it easy to get to, and much easier to pull tension on 2" band, and to crimp 2" band.  These tools will make it easier on the team to load railroad cars, and to band utility poles.  


Battery powered 2 inch and HD 1.25 inch steel strapping crimper sealer