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Fromm A380

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A380 Fromm Pneumatic Sealless Steel Strapping Tool 

The A380 is the little brother of the A383. The A380 is a common tool for the timber and construction material industry. The A380 tool is characterized in particular by its reliability in shift work and with continuous operation under the most rigorous conditions. Supplied as a semi and fully automatic model, it is also produced in four tensioning levels. It is recommended to use the tool in suspended mode due to its heavy weight. The main difference between the A383 and the A380, is that on the A380 tool the feed wheel and the sealer are separated. Now, the feed wheel is located behind the sealing component and the foot of the tool has been greatly reduced in size. Because of the small foot, the tool can now accommodate round and irregular applications. The A-380 Fromm tool can be used in two modes, either fully automatic or semi-automatic. The two bottom feature on the tool allows the operator to make that decision. 

One of the benefits of the P380 is that it is designed specifically for use on rods, bard, pipes, tubes and coils. The adjustable tension levels can accommodate any application size and the seal is guaranteed to be strong and secure. One of the reasons Fromm is so proud of this tool is because the risk of injury is a lot less with pneumatic combo tools than any manual tools. Not only does it reduce risk of injury, the A380 is reliable and a cost effective addition to any work room. The A-380 does not leave marks on the surface of the strapping or leave scratch marks on galvanized and coated products. It applies a clean, strong seal that is dependable throughout the package's transportation process. 

Strap Qualities:  High tensile (Ultraflex) up to 1100 N/mm

Strap Dimensions:  12.7 - 25.0 x 0.50 - 1.00 mm / 3/4" x .020" - .040"

Tension versions:  4500 N, 6500 N, 7500 N, 9500 N

Tool versions:  Single button = automatic / Two buttons = semi-automatic

Sealing type: Sealless

Weight:  16.9 kg / 37.3 lbs

The A380 is generally available rebuilt, please call for rebuilt pricing. Need your A380 Repaired? Send it to our tool repair department for a quick turnaround.

Allstrap Opinion: The tool will last for a very long time, but is hard to use. It is slow, complicated to operate, and very heavy, but gets the job done.  You should consider a battery powered tool like the BST (click to link) sealless tool.  Call for rebuilt price on the Fromm A380 tool.

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