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TP-502MV Genesis Verti


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TP-502MV Genesis Verti

The TP-502MV Genesis Verti is a great semi-auto pallet strapping machine, used for vertical strapping. This strapper is able to strap a palette with heigh as low as 380mm. 

> Tension up to 70 kg (700 N)

> Compact Genesis strapping head (sold more than 20,000 set with proven quality)

> It uses direct drive technology with German-made DC motors

> Electronic Tension Control

> Adjustable weld-cooling time

> Battery models TP-502MHB and TP-502MVB are available, with 20% higher capacity than TP-202MHB and TP-202MVB

*Please call Allstrap for best pricing at (866) 779-2673.

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