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IQ 400


by StraPack


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Strapack IQ-400 table top strapping machine

The new IQ400 machine is the upgraded I10, and is our new best in class.  Use the iQ-400 StraPack machine with PP banding 5mm up to 15.5mm (5/8").  This is essentially the same machine as the i10, but configured to make it easier to get to, and easier for maintenance.  

The iQ400 is quit enough to use in the office, but tough enough for harsh environments.  There are fewer moving parts than the original D53 tabletop, which means maintenance sessions are few and far between.  There are 2 torque modes so you can get up to 112 pounds of tension.  

Table is 30.75" wide x 21.3" deep and is 100 pounds.  Minimum package size is 3-7/8" wide x 1-1/8" tall.  It uses a heat seal, and A (8x8) or B (9x8) strapping cores.  The standard machine is 100-120 V, single phase 60 Hz .25 kW.  220V machines are available as a special order.  The standard machine comes with out side plates.

Allstrap Opinion:  We loved the i10, and the iQ400 looks even better!  We highly recommend using this StraPack machine for your bundling and shipping room needs.

IQ400 Strapack Strapping Machine

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