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MIP- 4900 High Tensile Sealless Combination

This tool has the flexibility of an adjustable strap width ranging between 1/2" - 3/4" X .015" and .025" steel strapping sizes. With minimal effort, the operator can tighten, seal, and cut the strapping all with one tool. The convenience of the MIP-4900 sealless combination steel strapping tool reduces inventory costs and saves operator fatigue. Because the MIP-4900 is so easy to operate, it is allows for quick repair and easy to access wear parts. Its longevity is increased with reversible die punches in the tool. As one of the lightest combination tools, the MIP-1900 weighs 8.5 pounds.

Allstrap Opinion:  The MIP4900 is no longer made in the US.  It is not a bad tool.  We like the MUL16 as a replacement or the battery powered Yukon or SLP.