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Fromm P350- Pneumatic Sealless Combination Strapping Tool for Heavy Plastic Straps

*Update: There is an upgraded version of this P350 tool that we HIGHLY suggest: the new Fromm P359 tool

This rugged tool has been designed for heavy industrial strapping applications and it’s suitable especially for heavy PET dimensions up to 32 mm width. The Fromm P350 is particularly suitable for continuous and shift operation under the most demanding conditions. The strap tension can be adjusted individually using the ten stage adjustment system, a tension up to 3800 N can be reached. The sealing and cooling time are adjusted with slotted screws always adapted to the different strap qualities, resulting in perfectly secured goods. The P350 is successfully used in the aluminum, metal, paper and lumber industry. It is preferable to suspend the tool, an universal suspension bracket is supplied automatically.

Strap Qualities:  Polyester (PET) and Polypropylene (PP)

Strap Dimensions:  12.7 – 32.0 x 0.50 – 1.27 mm / 1/2 – 1 1/4 x .020– .050"

Strap Tension:  1300 – 2300 N (adjustable) or 2300 – 3800 N (adjustable)

Sealing Type:  Sealless

Weight:  16.5 kg / 36.4 lb.

Allstrap Opinion

The P350 was one of the original HD pneumatic strapping tools.  Before batteries were viable, this was the only option.  Today you should not consider getting this tool, it is too heavy and hard to operate.  Instead get the P328S, P329S, P331 battery tools that are 1/4 the weight, and much faster to load.  If you have a P350 it should be retired.