OR-T 650
OR-T 650

OR-T 650

OR-T 650

Price: $5,500.00
  • $5,500.00

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Orgapack OR-T 650

For now, Orgapack is only releasing the OR-T 650 under their sister company Signode BXT2-25 or BXT2-32. We hope to see the Orgapack OR-T 650 in 2013-2014. We expect this battery tool will run on 36 volt lithium battery and pull 1,500 pounds tension. To be used with 1"-1/14" HD polyester strapping

Allstrap opinion:

This Orgapack tool never was released.  It would have been the blue version of the Signode BXT2-25 or BXT2-32, which was horrible.  We like the Fromm P331, and suggest using that tool.

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