OR-T 260 OR-T 260 OR-T 260 OR-T 260 OR-T 260 OR-T 260 OR-T 260 OR-T 260
OR-T 260

OR-T 260

OR-T 260

Price: $3,150.00
Tool Weight (Including Battery): 8.4 pounds (3.8 kg)
Tensioning Force: Fully adjustable up to 585 pounds
Tensioning Speed: 8.6 inches/second
Battery Charging Time: Approx. min. 15-30 minutes
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OR-T 260

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Orgapack OR-T 260 Battery Operated Tool for Poly Strapping

The Orgapack OR-T 260 is now the most user friendly tool for plastic strapping that runs automatically, semi-automatically, manually or in soft corner mode, making it the most versatile tool for poly strapping.  The 260 model tool suits poly strapping size 1/2"-5/8". Thanks to recent improvements from Orgapack, the new tools have an upgraded user interface.  The new display shows the applied tension in real time.  The 18 volt Li-Ion Bosch battery is now well protected.  The OR-T 260 can complete up to 800 packages per charge. This tool has a fully adjustable tensioning force 585 pounds, and also has an adjustable strap width option. Orgapack's OR-T 260 seals automatically or with the touch of a button using a friction weld seal.

Order battery/batteries (18 volt, 2 Ah) and rapid charger for your ORT260 with your tool.


  • The tools that require metal seals to secure the joint are a more expensive investment in the long run due to the price of metal seals. The seal cost is eliminated using the Orgapack ORT-260 because it applies a sealless joint using friction weld sealing technology.
  • The weld is stronger than a metal seal.  The average weld efficiency is above 75% for AAR rated strapping.  Seals are typically around a 50% joint efficiency.
  • Another guarantee with the sealless tool is that the friction-weld seal will never rust during transportation or storage. The weld can withstand humid or damp conditions making it a better option over steel strapping and metal seals.
  • As opposed to manual tools that require a few steps to tension, seal and cut the strap, this OR-T 260 tool takes only 3 seconds to complete the entire strapping process, with a lot less effort than before.
  • To ensure accurate and precise tensioning, the digital display panel distinctly shows the set tensioning level with the option to change it depending on the application. 
  • Another model, the Orgapack OR-T 450 is the larger version of the 260 and uses 5/8"-3/4" poly strapping.  If you like the battery sealing technology of this Orgapack tool, but don't need the full combination action, try the OR-T 50 for small or light loads. 
  • Signode has a replica OR-T 260 tool, the BXT3-16 tool.


Tool Repair:

All wear parts and other parts for the OR-T 260 can be ordered below in the "Order Parts" tab! Common OR-T 260 wear parts include:

Tension Wheel 

Tooth Plate 


Need your Tool Repaired? Send it to our tool repair department for a quick turnaround. 

Allstrap Opinion of the Orgapack OR-T 260 Strapping Tool (Updated January 2024):

Pros of the OR-T 260:

  • Ease of Use: The OR-T 260 stands out as one of the most user-friendly strapping tools in the market.
  • Enhanced Reliability: Major improvements have been made over its predecessor, with the OR-T 260 featuring more durable and maintenance-friendly components.
  • Innovative Design: The OR-T 260 includes a new debris cover and a blow-out hole, significantly reducing blockages and improving overall performance.

Cons of the OR-T 260:

  • Battery Access: The OR-T 260 now requires a specific battery, which is not readily available at major retailers like Home Depot.
  • Limited Battery Compatibility: Due to its protective cover, the OR-T 260 is not compatible with commonly available batteries such as the 6, 6.3, or 8 amp models.

Current Ranking:

  • The OR-T 260 is now ranked as one of our top recommended strapping tools, sharing the top spot with the P328, and GT One. This ranking is a testament to the OR-T 260's significant advancements in ease of use and reliability.

Final Thoughts on the OR-T 260: While the OR-T 260 offers substantial improvements and ranks highly among strapping tools, potential buyers should consider the battery compatibility issue, which could impact the tool's convenience and operational costs. Overall, we recommend buying the Orgapack ORT260 strapping tool.


Sneak Peak OR-T 260

Orgapack OR-T 260

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