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OR-T 260

OR-T 260

by Orgapack


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Orgapack OR-T 260 Battery Operated Tool for Poly Strapping

The Orgapack OR-T 260 is now the most user friendly tool for plastic strapping that runs automatically, semi-automatically, manually or in soft corner mode, making it the most versatile tool for poly strapping.  The 260 model tool suits poly strapping size 1/2"-5/8". Thanks to recent improvements from Orgapack, the new tools have an upgraded user interface.  The new display shows the applied tension in real time.  The 18 volt Li-Ion Bosch battery is now well protected.  The OR-T 260 can complete up to 800 packages per charge. This tool has a fully adjustable tensioning force 585 pounds, and also has an adjustable strap width option. Orgapack's OR-T 260 seals automatically or with the touch of a button using a friction weld seal.

Order battery/batteries (18 volt, 2 Ah) and rapid charger for your ORT260 with your tool.


> The tools that require metal seals to secure the joint are a more expensive investment in the long run due to the price of metal seals. The seal cost is eliminated using the Orgapack ORT-260 because it applies a sealless joint using friction weld sealing technology.

>The weld is stronger than a metal seal.  The average weld efficiency is above 75% for AAR rated strapping.  Seals are typically around a 50% joint efficiency.

> Another guarantee with the sealless tool is that the friction-weld seal will never rust during transportation or storage. The weld can withstand humid or damp conditions making it a better option over steel strapping and metal seals.

> As opposed to manual tools that require a few steps to tension, seal and cut the strap, this OR-T 260 tool takes only 3 seconds to complete the entire strapping process, with a lot less effort than before.

> To ensure accurate and precise tensioning, the digital display panel distinctly shows the set tensioning level with the option to change it depending on the application. 

> Another model, the Orgapack OR-T 450 is the larger version of the 260 and uses 5/8"-3/4" poly strapping.  If you like the battery sealing technology of this Orgapack tool, but don't need the full combination action, try the OR-T 50 for small or light loads. 

> Signode has a replica OR-T 260 tool, the BXT3-16 tool.


Tool Repair:

All wear parts and other parts for the OR-T 260 can be ordered below in the "Order Parts" tab! Common OR-T 260 wear parts include:

Tension Wheel 

Tooth Plate 



Need your Tool Repaired? Send it to our tool repair department for a quick turnaround. 



>  Tool length: 13.1” (334 mm) 

>  Tool width: 5.4” (138 mm) 

>  Tool height: 5.8” (148 mm) 

>  Tool weight (including battery): 8.4 pounds (3.8 kg)

>  Tensioning force: Fully adjustable up to 585 pounds

>  Tensioning speed: 8.6 inches/second

>  Battery Charging Time: Approx. min. 15-30 minutes

>  We suggest getting the OR-T 260 with 2 batteries and 1 charger.


Allstrap Opinion:

We love the OR-T260 tool.  The ORT250 problems with the blocking pawl have been resolved, and this is a tough tool.  It balances perfect, and is fast and easy to use.  We recommend buying the ORT260 tool!

ORT260 review update 4-2020:  This Orgapack tool now relies on a Bosch battery that you can no longer get at Home Depot.  The ORT260 has a protective cover that hugs the battery.  The cover was nice to make the battery hard to bang up, but now you can not use the current 6, 6.3, or 8 amp batteries, making the ORT260 battery expensive and outdated.  

Sneak Peak OR-T 260

Orgapack OR-T 260

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