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B1200 Battery Powered Friction Tool

The B1200 is the next generation of fully automatic battery powered friction weld tooling! It is uniquely designed to handle a wide range of applications. The B1200 can pull up to 1200 lb. of tension while the B600 can pull up to 600 lb. of tension. They operate with polypropylene and polyester plastic strapping. *Call Allstrap for pricing.


The next generation fully automatic plastic strapping tool

1. One button operation

2. Lithium Polymer Battery

3. DC brushless motors

Tool Repair

Need you tool repaired? Send it to our tool repair department for a quick turnaround. 

Length:  11.8"

Width: 5.9"

Total Height:  6.3”

Weight:  9 lbs.

Battery:  14.8V, 3.2 Ah, Li-Po

Maximum Tension:  1200 lbs.

Tensioning Speed:  10.4 in/sec.

Sealing:  Friction-weld

Joint Strength: 80% + of break strength

Strap Size: 5/8", 3/4" polyester or polypropylene

Thickness:  .031" - .050"

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