Battery Tools

Battery Tools


Fromm P321- Battery Powered Combination Plastic Strapping Tool Update:  This tool was replaced..

Power HT

Columbia Power HT- battery Powered Strapping Tool  The Columbia Power HT has been updated to t..


Fromm P318 Battery Powered Plastic Strapping Tool The Fromm P318 is part of the new generation..


Fromm P320- Battery Powered Combination Plastic Strapping ToolThis is the first Fromm battery powere..


Signode BXT3-25 and BXT3-32 do not have a release date scheduled as of January 2020, but we are hopi..


Fromm P322- Battery Operated Strapping Tool Update: This tool was replaced by the P328. The P322 wa..


Fromm P323- Battery Operated Combination Strapping Tool Update: This tool has been replaced by the ..


Zapak ZP26 Battery- Operated Hand Strapping Tool *Update: This tool has been discontinued. We r..



Signode BTS Battery Powered Sealer This tool has been DISCONTINUED, for an alternative try BXT2-16&..

OR-T 400

Orgapack's OR-T 400 Battery Operated Strapping ToolThe ORT400 has been replaced by the ORT450 (click..


BXT2-16 Battery Powered Combination Tool The BXT2-16 no longer exists! The BXT2 series tools ha..


Signode's BXT2-19 Battery Powered Strapping Tool  The BXT2-19 has been replaced by the BXT..

OR-T 300

Orgapack OR-T 300 Tensioning and Sealing (Friction-weld seal) with Battery Powered Combination Tool ..

OR-T 250

The OR-T250 has been replaced by the OR-T260 (click to link)Orgapack's Battery Operated To..

OR-T 650

Orgapack OR-T 650 For now, Orgapack is only releasing the OR-T 650 under their sister company Signo..

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